O SOICO Group, a DHD Consulting and Holdings Group company – recognizing their social responsibility through their media platforms, created in 2006, a social program envisioned to aim at all social levels and generate a positive and proactive attitude in response to the current and future challenges of the country. The program considered actions based on shaping opinions and transformation of attitudes within the different population demographics, acting in various areas and having as an objective to contribute to a country where people relate to each other, value their roots and are able to transform their lives. Through these actions, SOICO Group believes that it contributed to the strengthening of a collective identity, relating through habits and customs and equity promoting value to the human capacity to invent, imagine and transform their dreams into reality..


Leave a legacy for the Mozambicans, that might contribute for a positive transformation of the society, boosting its holistic empowerment and interventionism.


Become a reference in sustainable development with transformational impact in society.


Enhance the knowledge and abilities of every citizen so that each lead the transformation and improvement of their own lives.


  • . Frame socially impacting actions through creative solutions as a response to the challenges.
  • . Set inclusive and cooperative partnerships to boost projects.
  • . Contribute towards the diffusion and enhancement of knowledge
  • . Disseminate actions and practices that aim at improving citizen’s quality of life.


1. Unique communication skills which result in awareness key topics and the ability to transform behaviours.

2. Easy access to partners and business networking, including an international context as a result of the long experience of DHD Consulting & Holdings.

3. Proximity and understanding of the local reality, in its multiple aspects (political, social and economic) resulting from the core of DHD Consulting & Holdings activity centered on observation and analysis of the Mozambican.